A Community Assembly at the heart of a wildlife forest garden 💚


I gave a mini-presentation to the allotment group about the prototype Hope Garden project. Nerve wracking.


I gave a mini-presentation to the Pen Y Foidr allotments tonight, only a 5 minute slot at the end of their meeting.

It’s important because it’s the first time I’ve seen them as a group, rather than in the group chat (very different things) and as partners on the prototype Hope Garden project, it’s essential for everyone to be happy. So, of course, I was silly nervous. I was only supposed to have 5 minutes but I’m sure it was much longer!

Community Assembly, wildlife garden, forest garden: each of these is a vast topic in its own right, so trying to convey the potential of the idea in a short time was quite tricky. Also, I’ve fallen out of practise talking with groups.

Anyways, I think it went well, will post to the group chat later with some questions.

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