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by Jake Rayson/ on 10 Jan 2024


There’s a lot of work goes on behind the scenes with any project. Because I want the Hope Garden to act as an inspiration and also some sort of blueprint, with freely available plans, I think it’s really important to be out in the open with the development.

I’ve created a simple blog website to chart our progress. The two key features are that it’s a) free (to minimise costs at this stage) and b) easyish to use.

To satisfy the first feature, under the hood I’m using the Hugo static site generator, with the Bookworm blog theme from GetHugoThemes. It is a bit technical to set up but it doesn’t cost a penny to host the website. A huge bonus is that language support is superb, so I‘ve set up Welsh out of the box (although it isn’t enabled yet as there’s no Welsh content!)

To make posting easier, I’ve set up Tina CMS. This Content Management System means you can create a post via a web browser without having to know anything about programming (see image above).

Once I’ve finished migrating content over from the project page, I’ll get cracking with the grant application for the prototype Hope Garden.