01. Democracy

We need more engagement, voices heard & people working together to tackle the nature and climate emergency. We need more, direct democracy such as Community Assemblies.

  • Community Assembly
  • Co-design

02. Wildlife

Grow native plants where possible because they have co-evolved with wildlife & provide food for invertebrates, the foundation of any ecosystem. Build habitat for wildlife in your infrastructure.

  • Diversity of species & niches
  • Structural complexity for wildlife habitat

03. Resilient food

Agriculture & gardens should be green. Shift away from commodified & energy-intensive food production to sustainable & local food systems that are future proof.

  • Perennial vegetables
  • Agroforestry crops
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Enabling direct democracy & nature recovery

Working with communities

Our partners are local communities and organisations, working together to build not just a community garden but also a toolkit for everyone that wants to create their own space for direct democracy and nature recovery.
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We are all crew

The team

Jake Rayson

Jake Rayson

Wildlife forest garden designer
Beth Otway

Beth Otway

Horticulturist and garden writer
Martin Hayes

Martin Hayes